Focal 165W-RC Active



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165W-RC ACTIVE Description

The Utopia Be 165W-RC system provides breathtaking sonic accuracy, with breadth of sound more akin to high-end home speakers. You’ll be totally immersed in the powerful soundstage created by this Focal system, with each instrument as distinct and natural as in a live performance.

Nominal power - 80W
Maximum power - 160W
Sensitivity - 93dB
Cone - W
Surround - Butyl
Nom. impedance - 2Ohm
DC resistance - 1.7Ohm
VC diameter - 32mm
VC height - 15mm
Former - Kapton®
Layers - 2
Wire - Copper
Inductance - 0.11mH
Xmax - 5.5
Magne -t dxh 90x17
Magnet weight - 1550g
Flux density - 1 T
Gap height - 6 mm
Net weight - 1800 g

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