Kenwood DDX9019DABS 6.8” HD Capacitive Display CD/DVD Receiver with Apple Carplay /Android Auto



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If you want to get where you're going -- and enjoy the journey along the way -- this is the AV receiver you need.

The new DDX9019DABS combines the newest in-car entertainment with enhanced driving safety features.
Featuring a 6.8-inch HD capacitive touch screen, you can pair your smartphone via Bluetooth, no matter your operating system. With simple voice commands, you can navigate with maps, play music, make and receive calls -- even send text messages.
This head unit features wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, CD/DVD receiver, dual Bluetooth, and three camera inputs. You even get Kenwood's own built-in GPS navigation system.
Enjoy crystal-clear HD video on your touch screen via DVD, smartphone, or HDMI input. For the best car audio experience, you also get Spotify control, digital radio tuner, 13-band EQ, and support for audio files up to 192kHz.
If you're looking for the newest in-car entertainment and hassle-free driving, this has everything you need.

This model replaces the DDX9018DABS.

Enhanced Menu and Graphics

Kenwood has re-launched its user interface, with extra widgets and better graphics. Menu navigation is easy on the large 6.8-inch high definition touch screen. A DVD receiver and HDMI input are also included for crystal-clear video.

Apple CarPlay - Wireless

One of the most talked-about features is the introduction of wireless Apple CarPlay. Simply pair your iPhone via Bluetooth, and enjoy your favourite iOS features on a large touch screen. With CarPlay, your iPhone becomes a valuable co-driver -- activated by simple voice commands. Ask Siri to play music, make and receive calls, navigate with Apple maps, read and reply to text messages, and much more.

Android Auto - Via USB

Your Android smartphone is a ticket to more focussed and intuitive driving. Connect your smartphone (via USB) and enjoy your Android features directly on your Kenwood head unit.
Talk to the Google Assistant to make calls, read and reply to text messages, play music, access Google maps, calendars, and much more. All with your hands firmly on the wheel.

Wi-Fi Mirroring

Wirelessly mirror your Apple or Android smartphone directly on your Kenwood receiver. You can view maps, display apps, and watch videos from your phone directly on your 6.8-inch HD screen. With select Android devices, you can even activate '2-way communication' -- enabling touch control on your Kenwood display.

3 x Camera Inputs

Dedicated to safer driving, Kenwood's new unit comes with not one but three camera inputs. This gives better visibility whilst driving, and simplifies parking and reversing. With three inputs you can select from additional camera options, including:
Reverse cameras to view behind the vehicle
Backseat cameras (great for keeping an eye on young children)
Dash cams to record driving and accidents
Front-bumper cameras for easier parking
Blind-spot cameras for safer driving
With our complete range of cameras and driving aids, you can select the best monitoring options for you and your family.

Dual Smartphone Connectivity

You no longer need to worry about pairing and un-pairing your smartphone. You can now connect two phones via Bluetooth at the same time. Switching between them is also made easy via the Kenwood touch screen.
When a call is incoming, you can answer it on either of your connected phones. You can even listen to music on one phone -- and make calls with the other.

Digital Radio

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