MTX Audio IB-800X 180W Underseat Subwoofer



MTX Audio IB-800X Underseat subwoofer

Delivering big-bass without sacrificing any cabin or storage space. Our system features one of the highest power outputs on the market with a huge 180 Watt RMS power rating, 8" Active Subwoofer with two additional 8" 'ReflexThunder' Passive Subwoofers integrated into the cast-aluminium chassis for loud and deep bass reproduction. Included in the box is a Bass-Remote, 8 Gauge power kit and high-level input featuring Auto turn-on for convenient installation in the newest of vehicles.

Features :

The best and most simple way to add great bass in your system
Reduced size and thickness for underseat installations
Powerful Class-D amplifier for a realistic bass reproduction
Features 2 x MTX Passive Subwoofers to increase low-end audio reproduction.
Works perfectly with all aftermarket head-units, processors and factory audio systems.

Specifications : 

MTX ReflexThunder Passive Subwoofer Technology
Subwoofers : 1 x 20cm (8“) + 2 x 20cm x 5cm (8") Passive Subwoofers 
Class-D Mono-block amplifier
RMS Power : 180W
Frequency response: 35 - 150 Hz
8 Gauge Power-Wire and Fuse included
Active X-over : variable 50~150Hz
Bass remote included
High and Low-Level inputs
Auto switch on with high-level inputs
Input sensitivity : 0,1V~4V / 0.1V-9V High-Level
Phase switch : 0° or 180°
Bass boost : @45Hz variable 0 to +18dB
Dimensions : 345x242x78mm
Weight : 5Kg

SKU: 10000-6

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