MTX Audio TX612 800W rms



MTX Audio TX6 Series 800W RMS 12" Subwoofer - TX612

The MTX TX612 subwoofer shines with its ability to transform a car into a concert hall or a nightclub, but also for its exceptional value for money. Its serious construction with aluminum frame, large suspension, large voice coil and superb fibreglass cone make it very efficient and competitive. If there's anyone who knows how to make the ultimate Subwoofer it's MTX Audio! They were the first company in the world to sell Car Subwoofers in enclosures, the TX6 is the new standard for mid-class subwoofer drivers. Delivering incredible deep and loud bass with an awesome power handling

Features :

High performance subwoofer
Die cast aluminium frame
2.5" high temperature voice coil
Dual cooling system for the voice coil
Glass fiber cone
Stitched cone to surround
Extra large surround
High power handling (BBR 48V)

Specifications :

RMS Power : 800W
Max Power : 2400W
BBR : 48V
Frequency response : 20Hz - 500Hz
Sensitivity : 91,3 dB/2,83v/1m
Fs : 27Hz
Re : 2Ω
Z : 2Ω
Qms : 6,17
Qes : 0,42
Qts : 0,39
Vas : 42,7Liter
Mms : 279,1gr
Cms : 0,120mm/N
BL : 16N/A
Sd : 500,5cm2
Vd : 0,70Liter
Xmax : 14,0mm
Ø30cm (12’’)

SKU: 10000-11

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